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WW2 Color proudly offers one of the largest private collections of color photographs available from the Second World War
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Current Price List PDF

Purchase of images depends on usage, research required, size of print, and number of photos needed. Images are offered at our discretion. Purchases of more than 10 images at publication-quality resolution must be approved on a project by project basis. Note that not all images in the gallery are available for purchase. Research quality images with a watermark are available at a reduced price. Contact us if interested.

Note that some images you see in the gallery are copyrighted and not available for purchase. We have them here for your viewing pleasure, but do not have rights to sell from all the copyrighted images in our collection. Many of the copyrighted collections such as that of Robert Sand are available for purchase. We reserve the right to refuse the purchase of any images. We are working toward updating the gallery software so that it will not show the purchase option for any such images.

All prices are for one time use. Prices are quoted in US funds. This price list may be revised any time, but agreed upon prices will not be changed. Please note that images from some of the photographers in our collection require a markup to cover royalties to the photographer or his estate.

Search fee: If photos are needed that are not found in the online database we charge a search fee for finding them in the physical collection.

We will search for particular images. We charge a basic $50 search fee for a restricted search in areas where we think the image should be. If we must do an extensive search, the fee is $100. It takes a minimum of 2 days to search the entire color collection of better than 20,000 images.

The search fee is due whether or not we find your suitable image.

Please see the above Current Price List PDF file for pricing. Contact us for specific questions regarding your publishing project.

Price depends upon resolution desired, number of print run, and whether hard or soft bound. Digitized material provided at a resolution suitable for your needs.

Credit Cards accepted via PayPal

Images will be provided by direct download from our server.

We have found that a 1200 dpi digitized slide (20-30 megs, TIF) work fine for most publication purposes. However, cover shots can be the full resolution of 4000 dpi. 50-60 meg TIF files also work fine for prints.