The Jeffrey L. Ethell Collection
WW2 Color proudly offers one of the largest private collections of color photographs available from the Second World War
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The Jeffrey L. Ethell Collection also includes a large number of black and white prints collected over the years. We will be adding these prints to the searchable gallery as time allows, but in the mean time we have listed here the names of the filing folders the prints are categorized under. Many of these prints appeared in Jeff's older books. Please contact us if you would like more information about these prints.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get a hold of some really unique, great-looking prints. They make a wonderful addition to anyone's art collection, and are easily viewable on any web-enabled mobile phone if you're taking a quick look while decorating your home. So please feel free to browse and choose the one that appeals to you most.

Most of these prints are B&W, but there are some color. They can be digitized for your use. (Drawers of the filing cabinets where they are stored.)

Bottom drawer

Falklands Argentine AF photos
Falklands Argentine Navy photos
Mixed collections B&W
Canning, photos by
4th FG photos
Randolph Field 1940
Pre-1940 photos
Pre-1940 Biplanes
Aiken, David, Photos by
Japanese aircraft
Pearl Harbor
WW I photos

Top Drawer

D-Day aircraft
Low level
Black Pilots Tuskegee
8th AF bombers
8th AF fighters
Lockheed Transports & bombers
B-17 Flying Fortress
SNJ-5 90426
British aircraft
B-17 flying fort
R-24 Liberator
B-25 Tokyo Raiders
B-26 Marauder
P-61 Black Widow

#2 file, top drawer (Foreign)

Misc. German & individual markings
Arado - 234
Bachem - Ba 339 "natter"
Blohm und Voss
Dormier Misc flying boats, etc
Fieseler F 156 Storch & misc
Flettner 261 Vi 1st prototype, May 39
Fock Wulf misc + FW 190
FW 190 documents & photos
Messerschmitt Bf 110
Focke Wulf FW 200
(FW) TA 152 photos
(FW) TA 154
Heinkel Misc + Heinkel 111
Heinkel HE177
HE 178 - 1st jet
Heinkel HE 162A Salamander
HE 280
Henschel HS 123
Junkers JU 52/3m
Junkers JU 88
Junkers Misc
Messerschmitt ME 163
Komet Book photos
ME 163 letters, photos, negs, book prospect
Luftwaffe Photos
B 52 photos
10 May 72 photos
Sharks teeth used
Shark's teeth unused

File 2, drawer 2

P-38 Lightening photos
P-51 range
P 51 problems
P 51B documents
P 51 post war
P 51 captured
P 51 foreign
P 51 ETO
P 51 MTO
P 51 Pacific
P 50 prototypes
P 51 ETO
P 51 Mustang photos
A & AP P 51 book photos

File 2, drawer 3

Yamanoto Mission
Toni McQuire
P 38 Aleutians
Linberg in combat
P 38 New Quinea
P 38 CBI
P 38 Africa
P 38 MTO
P 38 ETO
P 38 Pacific (2)
P 38 Association
P 38 Miscellany
USN test pilots school
ME 262 Watson's Whizzers
ME 323
Messersehmitt, Misc
Ernst Udet
Peterson Photos
Macchi 200 Italian
Savoia Marchetti SM 79
Guman ac captured
Allied ac captured
Target Berlin photos
Watson's whizzors-documentation and personal
ME 262

File 2, Dawer 4

Yugoslavian AF & Museum
F-15 photos
F15 overseas based
F 15 color shots
F 15 US based
F 15 GAU-7 cannon
British ac-modern
Navy Photos
1950's ac
F 4 Phantom II
F-5 / T-38
F 111
F 117
C 130
AV 8A Harrier
B 1
B 2
WW II Pacific misc photos
WWII photos
B 17, B 24 (Davidson)
P 38 book photos