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Koda Catalog Number:  
DVD Number: 1
Slide Number: 00033
Image Location: 58 21
Tail Number: NX79111
Plane Type: P-51D
Picture Type: AC ground
Info on Slide: 1949 Cleveland
Unit Info:  
Name: Galloping Ghost
Description: This is a photograph of the famous P-51D racer called 'Galloping Ghost'. This plane was one of the very P-51's used in air racing being bought as surplace, from Walnet Ridge, early 1946. Not seeing any combat, she was fresh from the plant and ready to, racing as Galloping Ghost No.'77' from 1947 - 49. In 1950 she was sold to the Haiti AF, and then went on to the serve with Israeli AF, before being returned home to race again as highly modfied version of her former self, from 1963 -79 flying as 'Miss Candice'. In 1976 she actually won the the National Air Races with a speed of 422mph average. Ske also won Reno twice. These kind of events can, however, be a highly risky affair. In 1970 she crash on take off at Reno, and was rebuilt. The same happened to her ten years later at Van Nuys in 1980, and again she was rebuilt. Flying between 1981 - 2001 she had was renamed 'Spectre', 'No.9', & 'Leward Ranch Special No.44' at various times, and was stored from then on. Probably the longest and most varied racing history of any mustang and one of the most modified. Amazingly, she was pulled out, reworked, and was back racing again in June 2006!! She may not have been in the war, but has certainly had her own share of battles!!! **
Photographer: Gann H.
Nationality: American
Year: 1946
Davids Number:  
Image Path: /Galley 1