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Koda Catalog Number:  
DVD Number: 3
Slide Number: 00082
Image Location: 58 5
Tail Number: 436718
Plane Type: P-51C
Picture Type: AC ground
Info on Slide: 05/19/11
Unit Info: 4FG 335FS
Name: The Mary N II
Description: The Mary N II gets washed down, scrubbed and scoured by its crew chief at Debden. Whatever it took, the ground crews did, not only to keep the aircraft running, but to keep them looking like polished rice cars. Note the oil trail from the engine breather tube on the side of the cowling. This usually spread back across the fuselage, but the crewman has already cleaned it off to just short of the leading edge, most likely with high-octane fuel. Red tape has been placed over the -50 caliber machine gun muzzles after reloading. Sgt. George Russell adding final touches to Capt. John W. Goodwyns P51C serial 43-6718 - desg'n 'WD-R'. The name 'Mary "A" II' was his wife to be Mary Alice Greene.**
Photographer: Richie Edward
Book: FC 109
Nationality: American
Location: Debden, England.
Year: 1944
Davids Number:  
Image Path: /Galley 1