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Koda Catalog Number:  
DVD Number: 3
Slide Number: 00085
Image Location: 58 5
Tail Number: 267077
Plane Type: P-38H
Picture Type: Nose Art
Info on Slide: F8 6-4 1 43
Unit Info: 55th FG 38th FS
Name: Mountain Ayers
Description: Capt. Jerry H. Ayers stands with his crew in front of his P-38H, "Mountain Ayers," one of Bob Sand's favorite creations. "This was a labor of love, partly because I, like everyone else, had great respect and admiration for Capt. Ayers. He was a real, and unassuming, gentleman. He was so appreciative, which was not usually the case with others. These quite crude efforts were done on very cold nights, with runny paints, usually not being completed until four or five a.m., and a full work day before and after at the regular job, and without pay, out of respect for the men who were putting their lives on the line. So, a 'than you' was like a pat on the head to a puppy. It made one glow! The enlisted men were saddened by Capt. Ayers' ear problems, which restricted his flying career. In our estimation he was an extremely talented pilot. The old mountaineer, by the way, outlasted all the other insignias. We figured he had at least 150 missions over enemy territory, some sort of a record." **
Photographer: Sand, Robert
Book: FC 114
Nationality: American
Location: England, Nuthampstead
Year: 1943
Davids Number:  
Image Path: /Galley 1