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Koda Catalog Number:  
DVD Number: 3
Slide Number: 00092
Image Location: 58 5
Tail Number: 414603
Plane Type: P-51D
Picture Type: GI
Info on Slide: E 11, G-8
Unit Info: 355thFG 354thFS
Name: Dragon Wagon
Description: Capt. Jim Duffy greets the 354th Fighter Squadron mascot bulldog "Yank" shortly after landing at Steeple Morden in his Dragon Wagon. According to Bob Kuhnert, the well-bred English canine, whose sire was owned by Winston Churchill, was bought at a dog show in Duxford by Buck Wrightam, Harold Berg and I. C. Myers. Buck decreed he would be the squadron mascot, suggesting all personnel be called "The Bulldog." Squadron CO Claiborne Kinnard liked the idea, put the existing unit bulldog logo in a circle and placed "The Bulldogs" across the Statue of Liberty in the background, thus creating the definitive 354th Squadron patch issued to the troops. "Bulldogs" was painted above the exhaust stacks on many of the unit's P-51s. After the war Myers brought Yank home in his duffel bag. Yank was sedated before the trip to avoid alerting inspectors. They made it safely to Camp Shanks, then home to Seymour, Missouri. This plane was written off in a landing accident 10th Feb' 45. **
Photographer: USAF
Book: FC 118
Nationality: American
Location: Steeple Morden, England
Year: 1944
Davids Number:  
Image Path: /Galley 1