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Koda Catalog Number:  
DVD Number: 4
Slide Number: 00118
Image Location: 58 6
Tail Number:  
Plane Type: He 111 H Heinkel
Picture Type: AC Damaged
Info on Slide: 9-4 III-32
Unit Info: 78th FG
Description: Strafing run! Gun camera film from a 78th Fighter Group Mustang records part of the biggest day's bag by an Eighth AF fighter group during the war---125 German aircraft were claimed destroyed, nine by group CO John Landers, on 16 April 1945 on airfields in Czechoslovakia. Total Eighth Air Force claims were an incredible 752 aircraft. The He 111 in the foreground is already burnign smartly as .50 caliber hits register on and around the next German aircraft. Airplane damaged / destroyed by strafing. Frame from gun camera film of Lt. Coletti of the 78thFG taken on the 16th April 1945, near Prague. See picture 05022 - 05028 inclusive!
Book: FC 155
Nationality: German
Location: Czechoslovakia
Year: 1945
Davids Number:  
Image Path: /Galley 1
Record Notes:

03/19/2006 1:51 pm
Heinkel He 111H. Airplane damaged / destroyed by strafing. Frame from gun camera film.

Larry Wilson