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Koda Catalog Number:  
DVD Number: 4
Slide Number: 00128
Image Location: 58 8
Tail Number: 463817
Plane Type: P-51D
Picture Type: AC maintenance
Info on Slide: 11-5, P-51D
Unit Info: 359th FG 369th FS
Name: Pard
Description: As the months of occupation wore on in Germany, groups wee decommissioned and aircraft slowly stripped to keep others flying. The derelicts, such as Pard of the 359th Fighter Group sitting on a field in Germany, were painful viewing for pilots and ground crews as they watched their once-vital birds get plucked. When personnel were released from active duty and sent home on accumulated service points, they were entitled to sew a small eagle and wreath within a diamond emblem on the sleeves of their uniforms. This quickly became known as a "ruptured duck," symbolizing both men and machines as they were discarded from what used to be the world's mightiest air force. After the war many fighter units were based in Germany for Post War duties. With the advent of the new jet era, many P-51's were not serviced, and the massive surplus of P-51 aircraft, many were donated to the devastated economy, for scrap. Here a P-51D of the 'green nose' 359thFG, appears left for scrap with its rudder and chin panels missing, flaps removed, and nose cone gone. The markings 'IV-Q' and the red canopy frame, with 'mustang' & 638' on the tail fin, however, give this plane away as 'Pard' ser# 44-63817. The truth is that this plane went to the Swedish Air Force shortly after the war, and it is most likely that these painted areas of bright red and green have been removed for stripping back to the metal for delivery to its new country of service - designation J26153. A wonderful historical shot. **
Photographer: Fagen via Menard
Book: FC 174
Nationality: American
Location: Germany
Year: 1946
Davids Number:  
Image Path: /Galley 1