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DVD Number: 4
Slide Number: 00131
Image Location: 33 11
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Plane Type:  
Picture Type: Scrap
Info on Slide: 11-3, 3-55
Unit Info: 55FG 38FS
Description: As GIs roamed Germany they came across numerous yards of wrecked or scrapped Luftwaffe aircraft. This dump at Kaufbeuren airfield, Bavaria, contained quite an assortment of machines that were shot up or sabotaged by retreating Germans, and 55th Fighter Group mechanics found it fascinating to compare the aircraft with what they had been working on. Bob Sand recalls, "The line chiefs took to these shattered planes, patches some up and got them running. The enlisted men had been promised flying lessons in American light observation planes, which never materialized, so some of the men were hot to fly their resurrected planes, but probably wisely, were given thumbs down. However, they were given permission to taxi them when the field wasn't busy. I'll never forget one pretty powerful twin engine plane. The guy would get at one end of the runway, then break so he could stop at the end of the runway and start the opposite way. As a long frustrated flyer, how I commiserated with that man. Still, it was a pleasure to look down on these planes after looking up at them so often in England." Take during post war occupation. Kaufbeuren airfield, Bavaria, Germany. Dup of 04756 **
Photographer: Sand, Robert
Book: FC 173
Nationality: American
Location: Germany, Kaufbeuren
Year: 1945
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Image Path: /Galley 1