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Koda Catalog Number:  
DVD Number: 5
Slide Number: 00168
Image Location: 59 11
Tail Number: 131773
Plane Type: B-26B
Picture Type: Nose Art
Info on Slide: 03/01/64
Unit Info: 322BG 449BS
Name: Falk Bait
Description: The famous Martin B-26B Marauder "Flak Bait" of the 322nd BG, 449th SQ, 9th Air Force, has the distinction of having flown more missions - 202 - than any other Allied aircraft of WWII. The aircraft was so-named because of the more than 2,000 flak hits received during its mission lifetime. The nose section of this historically significant aircraft is on display at the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. The B-26B had the longer wings, a modification made after many B-26's were lost during landing accidents.
Nationality: American
Location: Bury St Edmunds
Year: 1944
Davids Number:  
Image Path: /Galley 1