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#12334 Kokomo p-47D, see also slide 04579
#12336 Man pointing to the painting. Bob Hope in center
#12337 The nose of a B-17G, note the 30 missions worth of bombs painted on her.
#12338 One of the 375 tb-26c target tugs built during the war.
#12339 The 320th BG, B-26C bell ringer in flight
#12340 This was the Willard Nester crews B-24j, D'NIF. Does not include flight was a AAF duty form entry.
#12341 Eagle in circle
#12342 The iconic sharks mouth p-40. Here seen with raf markings.
#12343 Some very nice nose art on the f-5 photo ship, "modification".
#12344 Eight ball, nose art listing the pilot and crew chiefs
#12345 Officer standing by his p-40. Red bird, "firebird?" pained on side of fuselage.
#12346 Little hutch, b-24 nose art
#12347 B-24 nose art, "Pluto" dropping a bomb
#12348 Close up of the previous slide (12347) with a GI posing next to a b-24. Probably the painter of the image
#12349 Peoria Punk, and 2 men.
#12350 P-47 nose art A baby being delivered by a stork. Wciswnrly, for a new pilot.
#12351 Pilot standing next to his air craft. 325th FG, Italy.
#12352 A mechanic repaints the nose on "Jeannie II" a f-6 photo version of the p-51, belonging to the 15th TRS
#12353 Big Beautiful Doll on the ramp at Duxford, England in 1944.
#12354 P-51 "little one"
#12355 Some very creative nose art incorporating both the nose mounted .50 caliber machine guns (nose of character) and the 75mm cannon (right side of mouth). Photo taken somewhere in the pacific.
#12356 P-38 "sweet Adeline" somewhere in the pacific (jap kill flag)
#12358 Crew beside aircraft 63 on side of AC
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currently viewing 12326 - 12350 out of 12476 search results
Records per page: