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#00151 'Sultans Magic Carpet' was Gen. Sultans own personal plane. She is seen here parked at Bhano, Burma, May 1945.
#00152 'Clarks Lil' Pill' taxiing for take off. 'Clarkes Little Pill' was Martin Marauder 41-34959, of 451 BS, 322nd BG (crew inc Major Clark Cordill and Lt William J Clark). They and others of the 451 BS are taxiing westwards on the N side of Andrewsfield, Great Saling, Essex, England. It is not clear from this angle whether the national markings are outlined in red. But they probably are. Date of this image is very likely Septrember-October 1943 [CJG October 15th 2012]
#00153 Ruby Newell, standing next to the B17G named after her in winning 'Most Beautiful WAC serving in England'. The plane was painted in her likeness. Cpl. W. Ploss was the talented artist who did such a good job. Plane was lost 24th Mar' 45.
#00154 95 ON NOSE. DB11
#00155 'Fire Fly' with her pilot at the window. Further information unknown, and any assistance kindly appreciated. If anyone can kindly help add to Record Notes at the foot of the page. Thank you!
#00156 The Flying Wolf design was adopted by Maj. Milton Joel, then CO of the 38thFS, and was painted by Sgt. Robert Sand. Eleven days after this photo was taken, Maj. Joel was shot down during as escort to Bremen - along with six other members of the fighter group. It was one of the darkest days in the group history.
#00157 Propeller shop Sergeant Bob Sand did some five nose art paintings for 55th Fighter Group P-38s, including "Texas Ranger" for group CO Col. Jack S. Jenkins. Another pilot bellied the original plane in and the armament door was transferred to Jenkins' new Lightning, as is evident here due to the missing section of painted-on rope. "My main memory," recalls Sand,"is of working on this all night a couple of nights and of my boss' displeasure at my not showing up for work till 9 a.m." Lt.Col. Jack S. Jenkins P38H plane, called 'Texas Ranger IV'. This plane was the 3rd P38 to given the name 'Texas Ranger' and note that the gun compartment door has been salvaged from an earlier P-38 and installed on a replacement plane. **
#00158 Flying tiger. Pilot Capt. C.R. Conner. B-24j with nose art (as yet unknown) resting on its tail, disarmed at Kingman graveyard. Post War. Further information unknown, and any assistance kindly appreciated. If anyone can kindly help add to Record Notes at the foot of the page. Thank you! These planes were used in flying the hump from India to China in 1942. All of the B-24Js from the 308 Bomb groups and 375 Bomb Squadron flew these planes with a tiger on them. **
#00159 A famous plane from infamous raids in history! Here is the nose of 'The Great Artiste' serial 44-61671 - 509th BG, who accompanied both B29s that dropped the A-bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki in Aug '45.
#00160 man on wing of running ac [Taxiing to take off position] Kittyhawks (probably Mk.IIIs, equivalent to late P-40Ks) of 112 Squadron, RAF. Late 1942 or later, Egypt or Libya. The erk on the wing is guiding the pilot, who is taxying blind because the track is too narrow for him to fishtail in order to see ahead past the nose. By this time they were all used to this sort of thing.
#00161 This famous Flying Tiger ace Robert T. Smith. When he came home after his first tour, he immediately picked up his commission again to to go straight back! This time with 1st Air Commando Group. This group was crack and specialized interdiction fighter bomber unit. Here pohotogrpahed in front of his new P-51A called 'Barbie' serial number 43-6151. Closer shot at 12435
#00162 Crane in background. Ervin Ethell's aircraft. Jeff Ethell's father.
#00163 'Friday the 13th' was one of the most successful RAF bombers of the war. She finished with a 128 missions to her credit, and was placed in Oxford Street, London (in front of Lewis's department store) so people could visit her. A replica (the only surviving example in world) now stands at the Yorkshire Air Museum. We at were more than happy to donate a large print of this original plane to go with their display in England.
#00164 B-26 Marauder, 'Thumper II', serial 42-107738, No.23 - of the 320th BG - This is a late picture of the plane taken on a raid from Dole, France.
#00165 'Mabel's Labels' a B24L - serial 44-49853 of the 43rd BG 63rd SQ in the Pacific. This wonderfully painted plane was transfered to Kingman graveyard (as per picture) where it is seen here resting on its tail. It flew until the 43rd BG was de-activated L
#00166 Lt. John H. Meyers, standing front of 'Rat Poison'. see also 00866
#00167 Blue nose and tail
#00168 The famous Martin B-26B Marauder "Flak Bait" of the 322nd BG, 449th SQ, 9th Air Force, has the distinction of having flown more missions - 202 - than any other Allied aircraft of WWII. The aircraft was so-named because of the more than 2,000 flak hits received during its mission lifetime. The nose section of this historically significant aircraft is on display at the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. The B-26B had the longer wings, a modification made after many B-26's were lost during landing accidents.
#00169 One of a sequence taken on the day. S/Sgt. Donald Allen sits on the wing of Lt. Clarence L. Boretsky's 'Meg' in 334th FS dispersal area at Debden. Later the plane was allocated to Lt.Marvin Arthur who changed the name to 'Davy Lee'. The tail in the background is an early P51-B belonging Lt. James W. Ayres. **
#00170 C-47A s/n 43-15972 ready to load at Wright Field, late 1945. Post war, the serial number had been stenciled on the wing of the aircraft for identification purposes should the pilot think of low-level 'buzzing' which had been disallowed after the war because of complaints from civilians. Interesting to note is remainder of the very early (circa '42) blotching on the ailerons when the aircraft was repainted in standard medium green. When applied it was lighter than the normal Olive Drab, and was intended to break up the outline of the aircraft. Unfortunately, the OD quickly faded to leave the blotching looking even darker, which ended up emphasising the outline of the aircraft..the opposite effect from what was intended! Later, negate this, the plane was stripped down back bare metal. Open cargo doors. Trailer load of goods waiting to be loaded. Yellow trailer.
#00171 Wonderful full color shot of 'Leo' ser# 42-52768, of 486thBG 834thBS at Sudbury. Was originally with the 834thBG's famous 'Zodiac Squadron'.**
#00173 This also 00170. Not happy to have painted and desinged the artwork on his first B-17G 'Old Battle Axe' Lt. David R. Hettema then decided to do the same with his next allacoted B-17G 'Supermouse'. This is the original artwork for that plane.
#00174 Sgt Don Allen (right) and his best buddy in the service, Cpl Jerry Byrge served as crew for "Blondie," Marvin Arthur's new Mustang that replaced "Davey Lee." Allen's talent for nose art is more than evident here. He was responsible for most of the outstanding nose art in the 4th Fighter Group's 334th Fighter Squadron. They were the crew of Lt. Marvin Arthur's P-51D "Blondie" of 4thFG - 334thFS ser# 44-73304 desig'n 'QP-U'. Both pilot and plane survived the war! **
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